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Hi every pretty babes out there! Awaiting to outshine others? Here we have all the things you need with amazingly affordable prizes! We promote safe trading and sincerely hope that we can serve everyone of you well with our great services, great pricing and ALL brand new products!

Happy shopping and welcome again! :)

We mainly deal with fashionable/stylish clothings as well as beauty products. More updates coming up so be patient! ;)

Q : You don't seem to focus on a particular product, eg. only sell dress/ bag / beauty products. WHY?

A : Our mission is to make every girl PRETTYLICIOUS! Hence, to us, pretty is from head to toe, and beauty from every aspects. What we do is just to keep you updated with all those goodies we found! We're just like you, yearning to be prettylicious! We don't only sell them, we share it with you! And that, is what makes us different ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Superb Quality

Something you should not MISS if you're going with your boots or even just any simple outfit! :)

RM55 only (absolutely value for money!!!)

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